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Welcome to my little Corner

I am Barbara.

An introvert masquerading as an extrovert, a backyard gardener with a farmer's heart, a nurse by day and a dreamer by night. I am passionate about Jesus, spicy food, puppy dogs, words, compost and the aroma of desert rain. Music is chocolate to my soul but solitude feeds the deepest part of me.

And you need to know:

I have been rescued.

Several times actually. Right out of the mud and mire. My writing began as whispers between me and my God and it will always be rooted in that soil. So the plan is simple: I write. Out of the overflow of my heart, the place He has so generously chosen to dwell.

Though I am all grown up, I feel as if the handsome Prince has finally found me and the glass slipper fits. And a living breathing fairy tale has ensued.

So pull up a chair and "sit a spell", as we would say from my West Virginia roots. I hope you find His Footprints here.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Out of the Closet

It happened Friday instead of Saturday.  Company came when the house was in a mess and I was still in my PJ's.   Well, not exactly, but that's how it felt.  As the featured writer for our story circle, my secretive writings were "outed" earlier than I had planned and I was unprepared.  Typically I can be found sitting cross legged on the floor of our walk-in closet, pen hovering over lined notepads, my only audience the clothes and shoes that line the walls.  No visitors here.

I had been striving all week to put together that first official post.  Well written English compositions and clever Christmas letters hardly qualified me for this exposure.  What had I been thinking?  Suddenly everything I had ever written sounded sappy and flawed.

It's all rather silly, this fear of vulnerability.  What I think I want - the praise of fellow pilgrims - can become a road block to something beautiful and life giving.  The authors I love are the ones who let me into their struggles but bathe them in His light.  Their honesty and messiness allow me to safely enter in and catch a glimpse of majesty.  Why would I want to offer anything less?  Ironically, all my striving this past week ended in complete helplessness.  And isn't that what we are without Him anyway?

So if you don't mind an untidy place where God is a work, you are welcome here.  It's a place where we can be ourselves.  I may still be on the closet floor but I'm making it an Open House.

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