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I am Barbara.

An introvert masquerading as an extrovert, a backyard gardener with a farmer's heart, a nurse by day and a dreamer by night. I am passionate about Jesus, spicy food, puppy dogs, words, compost and the aroma of desert rain. Music is chocolate to my soul but solitude feeds the deepest part of me.

And you need to know:

I have been rescued.

Several times actually. Right out of the mud and mire. My writing began as whispers between me and my God and it will always be rooted in that soil. So the plan is simple: I write. Out of the overflow of my heart, the place He has so generously chosen to dwell.

Though I am all grown up, I feel as if the handsome Prince has finally found me and the glass slipper fits. And a living breathing fairy tale has ensued.

So pull up a chair and "sit a spell", as we would say from my West Virginia roots. I hope you find His Footprints here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Will of God

Did you ever watch the old game show Lets Make a Deal?  The numbered doors held many possibilities ranging from ridiculous to valuable.  The problem was simply choosing the right one. Many times I think that's how we try to find God's will.  We blindly choose and hope for the best.

I confess at times my default mode is paralysis.  I don't even choose blindly.  Instead, I stand in fear despite the crowd cheering me on.  If only I could have just a clue.

There really ARE clues to be found.  Psalm 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  If read with the emphasis upon He, the verse renders its truth.  As He becomes my delight - the One with whom I long to spend time, to think about and talk about - His desires will become my desires because He will plant and nurture them in the soil of my heart.

There's also a huge difference between wanting to know God's will and wanting to do God's will. How often do I really only want His will as one of my options?  Or look to Him for consensus in a decision already made?  And oh how holy it sounds to say I am trying to discover His will!  As if He were deliberately hiding it and it was my burden to uncover it.  Could these just be tactics to avoid obedience?

A.Z. Tozer has said that "He (God) is unable to grant us our hearts desire till our desires have been reduced to one.  As I singularly pursue that Pearl of Great Price, my desires will be shaped by Him. That which is behind the door may still be unknown but I will will intimately know the One who does.

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