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I am Barbara.

An introvert masquerading as an extrovert, a backyard gardener with a farmer's heart, a nurse by day and a dreamer by night. I am passionate about Jesus, spicy food, puppy dogs, words, compost and the aroma of desert rain. Music is chocolate to my soul but solitude feeds the deepest part of me.

And you need to know:

I have been rescued.

Several times actually. Right out of the mud and mire. My writing began as whispers between me and my God and it will always be rooted in that soil. So the plan is simple: I write. Out of the overflow of my heart, the place He has so generously chosen to dwell.

Though I am all grown up, I feel as if the handsome Prince has finally found me and the glass slipper fits. And a living breathing fairy tale has ensued.

So pull up a chair and "sit a spell", as we would say from my West Virginia roots. I hope you find His Footprints here.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Blogging Business

I keep tripping over the business of blogging.  There is this discomfort I find in luring followers to the things that pour from my heart.  It seems to contradict the message of the contents of my blog - that of living authentically in the Light of the Gospel.  I just can't seem to fit self promotion into that framework.

It's not that I want a Christian airplane.  You know the story...the one where the plane is pieced together out of junk.  Then when it doesn't fly, the builder says, "It must not have been God's will!"  I want this blog to fly, I really do.  And I want quality.  But I don't want to start shaking hands and kissing babies to sell my craft.

Jesus spoke to people in truth, without hook or fanfare.  He just laid it out there.  He had takers and non-takers.  But when he died at 33 years of age, he said "It is finished".  In God's sovereignty, He trusted He had reached the intended hearts.  Should my trust be any less?  And what about God, the Original Blogger?  He is followed in some of the least lovely places: in prisons, in war zones and in hospital beds.  No platforms there.  The recipients come hungry.  And perhaps that's more critical than the presentation.

Ironically, putting my thoughts into words on paper has helped to prioritize a few things for the road ahead:

I will not posture and strategize to make this blog "successful".
I would like to be read but I won't lose my joy or passion if it doesn't happen.
I will pray that the blog bears fruit, not the fruit of a following, but the fruit of spiritual
encouragement in hearts and lives.

I feel better just getting this off my chest.  Even if only One is listening.

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